Just Breathe

A remarkable thing happened this morning. With serene calmness, I got both girls ready, packed up and down to school ….. early. How? You ask. How indeed. For those that know me personally, this is a very rare event. I’m never early. Much less with serene calmness.

It was thanks to a new type of yoga I have recently found and an early morning practice at Breathe Yoga. This practice is mostly self-guided but in a studio with other practitioners. The class runs for 2.5 hours meaning it’s essentially a drop in class and you stay as long as you like. There is still a teacher giving individual instruction so for the time the teacher guides you, it’s one on one. The usual type of class is a teacher giving instruction to everyone all the time.

Welcome to Mysore Yoga.

It might not suit everyone but for me, it’s perfect. Since I spend my days in a loud, chaotic environment, the peace is a distinct change. There is nobody putting demands on me (whether that comes from a 2-year old, 5 year old or a yoga instructor) and best of all, it doesn’t matter if I’m late. Oh joy. Too often, I’ve spent the first 10 minutes of a yoga class just trying to relax after a frantic panic to get there on time or I’ve skipped it entirely not wanting to embark on that frantic panic.

It’s not a relaxing practice, it’s hard work. If you’ve done any of the Ashtanga series, you’ll know it’s a challenging series. The idea of Mysore is a meditative self practice of the Series. But the meditative part comes through so much more than any other yoga I’ve done before. A sense of calm patience literally stayed with me all day.

After finding this wonderful place, it seemed unbelievable to find this on my newsfeed (it’s now a print out on my fridge) later this morning. Did the words suit my mood or is this really something I can live by? Today, all of these can come naturally but tomorrow I may have to work harder.


I will try by remembering these words. And on those days I can practice yoga as I did this morning, I know it will come to me easily.

Thank you Tori for sharing this list!




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