A Silent Weekend


This past weekend, I did something I haven’t done in the 6.5 years my eldest daughter has been around. I spent 3 days completely alone. No husband, no children – actually not even my cat, who passed away in September was around to keep my company. What bliss! I could be utterly selfish and answer only to myself for the entire weekend.

I turned down social events and didn’t pick up the phone once. I attended yoga classes, ate out and couldn’t resist a visit to Toronto’s One of a Kind Show but it was all on my own terms.

Except for a number of short exchanges, it was totally silent. Now a true silent weekend would involve turning off all communication and entertainment devices. Television, radio, computers, iPhones etc. In essence you meditate and direct your thoughts and your breath. I’ve never tried this but given the opportunity I absolutely would. My meditation consisted of yoga classes I took throughout the weekend and I focused on being in the present moment with everything I did. I painted the bathroom. Without rushing, I made few mistakes and the end result is much better than it would be had my family been around. I took my time walking around the Show without any pressure to visit any particular vendors or purchase anything I didn’t want 100%. In fact, the longest conversation I had all weekend was with an aromatherapy vendor who makes creams and salves to restore chapped hands. This vendor travels throughout Canada selling her wares but makes them right in my own neighbourhood. If I had a weekend of only one conversation, I couldn’t have chosen a more apt one.

In recent weeks, I have “not been in a good place” to use a term commonly used and understood. I have spent too much time focusing on the needs of my family and house and not enough on my needs. And when my needs get neglected for too long, everybody suffers.

Before the craziness of Christmas loomed, I needed to reset and incorporate some downtime. Downtime differs from person to person – some thrive on company, some restore better on their own. I’m in the latter group. I love to research and write about new foods or trends that appear. And I love my yoga, which hasn’t as much a part of my life recently and it’s apparent in my physical and mental self. I’ve since pledged to make it a priority to schedule time to get to the studio at least 3 times a week.

So I ask you? What do you need? How will you achieve this? Focus on it now, be mindful of yourself so you don’t burn yourself out over the course of the next month.



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