I’m no exercise guru, I struggle to get to the gym as much as the next person. Or I should say, I used to struggle to get to the gym. I realized that the gym, along with other types of exercise, was not my thing. I know what calms me, motivates me and makes me feel good afterwards. For me thats yoga, swimming, hiking, skating and cross country skiing. For another person, it’s going to be something different.

Here are some tips on how to get an exercise routine working for you:

  1. Try anything. At least once. Move on if you truly hate it.
  2. Be realistic with your time. Don’t commit to a 2 hour daily workout if you have 2 kids and a commute.
  3. Have seasonal activities. Rotating through the year makes you look forward to the next season activity. For instance, if you like to roller blade or cycle in the summer, cross country ski in the winter.
  4. Try to be outside as much as possible. The fresh air and connection to nature boosts your mental spirit and your immune system.
  5. Always keep hydrated. Being dehydrated makes you lethargic and makes it more difficult to get going.
  6. Do an activity with a friend if you are social and it will motivate you to continue. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to politely refuse company if the silence is what renews you.
  7. Don’t weigh yourself. It’s often demoralizing in the beginning as your body converts fat to muscle, which weighs more. Concentrate on feeling better, mentally and physically.
  8. Accept rest days when you need them. Honestly listen to your body and learn to recognize when you are able to push it more and when to push back.
  9. Don’t just stick to one routine. The muscles need a rotation of different exercises that challenge the body as a whole.
  10. Find the best time of day for you by experimenting. However, nobody benefits too much from exercise too late at night when the body is trying to wind down for the night’s rest.



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