Dairy Foods

Dairy foods are one group of foods that I believe should be organic. The dairy industry is overgrown and conventional farming practices are less than ideal. As a result, the finished product often contains antibiotics and chemicals. Since these foods tend to be higher in fat, especially cheese, they store toxins easily. I often recommend that it’s worth the investment to go organic with dairy foods.

Organic cow’s milk

  • Organic avoids undesirable farming practices and the risk or antibiotics and chemicals reaching your food.

Organic plain yogurt

  •  Sweeten with fruit, honey, maple syrup or agave nectar. Yogurt can be used instead of cream or sour cream to reduce the fat content.

Organic cheese (cow, sheep or goat)

  • Choose local if possible. Always keep a hard cheese – such as parmesan – on hand. They store well.


  • Choose local, free range or organic

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