Tip Corner

#1. Annoyed when you get a shard of egg in a cracked egg? Stop fishing around for it using every tool in your kitchen. It will stick like a magnet to another piece of shell. Pick up a piece of discarded shell and watch it stick.

#2. Respect the expiry dates on your baking ingredients. Raising agents (baking power and baking soda) need to be active to make your baking successful. If there isn’t an expiry date visable, check they are still active by putting a teaspoonful in a bowl of warm water. They should fizz. If not, replace them right away.

#3. Pastry should be made using cold ingredients but grating the butter will make it easier to blend into the flour. Do this instead of cutting it into a million tiny pieces.

#4. Roll out pastry between 2 pieces of wax paper. You save a ton of time on clean up.

#5. Experiment with flavours directly into your pastry dough. Cinnamon, citrus zest or finely chopped nuts in a sweet pastry, herbs, seeds or spices in a savoury pastry.

#6. Have separate cutting boards for different foods. Raw meats for sure but have one specifically for onion and garlic too. There is nothing worse than biting into slices of pear cut on the same board as an onion. If you have a slider, put a piece of damp cloth or kitchen paper under the board to stop it moving around.

#7. Make sure your water is really fast boiling (a rolling boil) before adding pasta to cook. This stops it sticking.

#8. If it grows under the ground, put it in cold water and bring to a simmer to cook. If it grows above the ground, cook it by putting it in boiling water.

#9. A little vinegar to the cooking water of cabbage or cauliflower to prevent lingering odours in your house.

#10. Adding too much salt in a dressing or cold sauce can be countered by adding a squeeze of lemon. A half peeled potato in a soup, sauce or casserole for 5 minutes will counter too much salt in a cooked dish.

Thanks to Waitrose Kitchen for the above 10 tips.

#11 When planning your meals for the week, choose fish on the night prior to your garbage collection. You won’t be stuck with stinky fish wrappings or raw fish pieces for more than a few hours.

#12. When spooning muffin batter into muffin cups or liners, use an icecream scoop. It ensures that each muffin is the same size and they look pretty as they all have a consistent rounded top.


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